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Maharishi Purusha Program

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“The profession of Purusha is an all-time enjoyment of bliss, freedom, self-sufficiency, invincibility, and spontaneous radiation of a powerful influence of positivity, harmony, happiness and peace in the environment.”—Maharishi

Enlightenment for the Individual, Invincibility for the Nation

Have the Best
Experiences of Your life

  • Dedicate your life to perfecting the TM-Sidhi program and living in bliss all the time
  • Enjoy fastest evolution in the harmonious and nourishing atmosphere created by our 24 Hour BlissSM program
  • Dine on sumptuous and wholesome meals prepared to promote perfect health and longevity
  • Minimum commitment of one year required

Maharishi founded the Maharishi Purusha ProgramSM in 1981 for single men practicing the TM® and TM-Sidhi® program who wish to dedicate themselves fully to the most rapid pace of evolution possible. Every aspect of this program has been carefully designed by Maharishi for this purpose.

There are Purusha groups in the Himalayas, America, Germany, Canada, Holland, Australia, Ukraine, the Brahmasthan of India and other locations. We have enjoyed being involved in many activities since 1981. We have participated in movement projects in numerous countries, have taught many people TM, and promoted the movement throughout the world. In recent years Maharishi shifted our focus to less activity and a longer practice of the TM and TM-Sidhi program, along with putting our attention on the countries of the world from the silent level of Natural Law. (See the Purusha Capital page for more details).

The daily routine of the Purusha program includes extended group practice of the TM and TM-Sidhi program, knowledge meetings, personal time and activity dedicated to enlivening the Silent Administration of Natural Law throughout the world.