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Taste of Purusha Course — India

  • Live in comfortable Maharishi Vastu® accommodations in the Purusha section of the International Campus
  • Enjoy delicious indian vegetarian meals.
  • Hear live recitations by Maharishi Vedic Pandits most afternoons.
  • Listen to wonderful tapes of Maharishi.
  • Enjoy visits to ancient temples, boat rides on the Narmada River, and tours of local Maharishi Schools.

The Taste of Purusha Course is for single men who are practicing the TM® and TM-Sidhi® programs and want to stay with PurushaSM at the Maharishi Global Capital of Raam Raj for a minimum of one month to explore the possibility of longer term participation in the Maharishi Purusha Program. Course participants will spend extended time on an ideal Purusha-like routine, which includes longer practice of the TM and TM-Sidhi programs, joining members of the Purusha program for daily Vedic recitations by Maharishi Vedic Pandits, delicious vegetarian meals, and evening knowledge meetings featuring video talks by Maharishi and Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam.

Course Details

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Course Dates

Our Purusha season at the Brahmasthan generally runs from mid October to mid March only. Please contact the Purusha Admissions Office to find out the currently available dates for Taste of Purusha program in the Brahmasthan. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Each course participant will have a single-occupancy suite with separate  sleeping and sitting areas and a private western-style bathroom. The rooms are finished to high standards with heaters for cool nights and ceiling fans for warm days. A/C is not required. High speed internet connections are available in each suite. 

Who is eligible to apply?

All single men who have completed TM-Sidhi instruction, including Yogic Flying®, are eligible to apply for the Taste of Purusha courses.

What is the cost of a Taste of Purusha course?

The all-inclusive course fee is $1500 per month, which is the minimum length of stay. The fee for a longer stay will be prorated at $1500 per month.

In consideration of the different economic levels around the world, scholarships maybe available to those coming from non-American or European countries.

For more information—Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.