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Taste of Purusha Course — West Virginia

“My experience on the 2nd annual ELI Purusha Course was an absolute joy! I knew already the deep rest I would gain and profound knowledge I would be reminded of, but most profound was the ever expanding love I would feel for the world and the people around me.”
—Keelan Dimick

“I had heard about Purusha and had an idea about what that kind of life it might be like, but no previous conclusion could possibly do justice to the immediate experience of the gentle power that is found here.”

“The atmosphere is totally enveloped in a deep, soft silence and peace created by the Purusha doing long, deep meditations, and the experiences of all the men who attended the course with me, were the best they have had anywhere. And to top it off, it is very comfortable. It is an ideal place to go and really taste the inner essence of Maharishi’s teaching. It is obvious that much of Maharishi’s attention went into this wonderful place.”
—Michael Busch

“In over 35 years as a meditator I have never had such profoundly deep and clear programs as I experienced at the Purusha Capital in West Virginia. The facility is beautiful and comfortable in a pristine, quiet mountain setting. Most important though is being in the atmosphere of silence created by a powerful, coherent group of Purusha.”
—John Morehead, M.D.

Designed for single men who want to experience the powerful silence and deep rest of extended TM-Sidhi® program practice in the atmosphere created by long-time members of the Maharishi Purusha Program. The program is for a minimum of one month and includes free time in the afternoon.

  • Spacious individual Maharishi Vastu® accommodations with panoramic mountain views
  • Enjoy deep rest and profound experience in the atmosphere created by Purusha
  • Delicious organic vegetarian cuisine and good company
  • Watch beautiful knowledge talks of Maharishi during the afternoons and evenings
  • Enjoy pure fresh mountain air and scenic walks in the surrounding forests
  • Optional local sight-seeing trips to beautiful mountain and forest attractions

Course Dates and Details

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Only $1500 per month

Special Course Dates Nights Fees
3rd Annual Enlightened Leadership International Taste of Purusha Course Jul 28 – Aug 7
10 nights $750

This course has been designed to give the next generation a taste of the great strength of the Maharishi Purusha Program. During your stay at the Maharishi Purusha Capital for the Western World you will experience a profound level of silence and deep rest coming from extended practice of the TM-Sidhi® program in an atmosphere which is powerfully enriched by a large group of long-time members of the Purusha program. You will also enjoy a kayaking trip down the Potomac river, hikes on our 400 acres of lush property, and a picnic at the summit of the property. If you would like to rapidly develop your consciousness in a pristine natural environment with a group of like-minded young men, this is the course for you. The course is open to unmarried single men under the age of 45 who practice the TM-Sidhi program, and will feature some of the most exclusive lectures Maharishi gave in the beginning days of Purusha. The course also includes:

  • Spacious individual Maharishi Vastu®accommodations with panoramic mountain views
  • Delicious organic vegetarian cuisine and good company
  • Blissful and fresh mountain air and scenic walk and talk in the surrounding forests
  • Specially selected exclusive knowledge talks of Maharishi during the afternoons and evenings
  • Hikes on the 400 acres of wooded property surrounding the Purusha Capital
  • A kayaking trip down the Potomac River and a picnic at the summit of the property

A 33% discount is available for full time students and those working full time in an organization affiliated with the Global Country of World Peace. Scholarships may be available for those who qualify. To apply fill out a Taste of Purusha application. If you would like to help more people attend this course, you may contribute on GoFundMe.

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Each course participant will have a single-occupancy suite and private bathroom. High speed internet connections are available in each room.

Course Dates

The course starts on the 15th of each month with a minimum one month stay.

Who is eligible to apply?

All single men who have completed TM-Sidhi instruction, including Yogic Flying®, are eligible to apply.

What is the cost of a Taste of Purusha course?

The all-inclusive course fee is $1500 per month, which is the minimum length of stay. The fee for a longer stay will be prorated at $1500 per month. We offer a 15% discount on the first month if this is your first course in West Virginia.

Is there flexibility to the exact dates of my stay?

Yes, contact us for details. You are welcome to extend to any date beyond the one month minimum stay.

More Information—Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 800-296-5118
For information about the Taste of Purusha Courses in Europe please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.