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World Peace Assemblies (For Men)

  • Spacious individual Maharishi Vastu® accommodations with panoramic mountain views
  • Enjoy deep rest and profound experience in the atmosphere created by Purusha
  • Delicious organic vegetarian cuisine and good company
  • Watch beautiful knowledge talks of Maharishi during the afternoons and evenings

World Peace Assemblies offer an opportunity for practitioners of the TM-Sidhi program to enjoy a weekend or week of extended practice of the TM and TM-Sidhi programs, gaining deep and revitalizing rest.

Enjoy the soft silent atmosphere created by Purusha in the deep seclusion of a forest setting. This the place to totally relax, switch off and dive into deep experiences. Enjoy the fresh mountain air and scenic walks and the added benefit of living in a Maharishi Vastu Architecture designed facility.

“The atmosphere is totally enveloped in a deep, soft silence and peace created by the Purusha doing long, deep meditations, and the experiences of all the men who attended the course with me, were the best they have had anywhere. And to top it off, it is very comfortable. It is an ideal place to go and really taste the inner essence of Maharishi’s teaching. It is obvious that much of Maharishi’s attention went into this wonderful place.”
—Michael Busch

“In over 35 years as a meditator I have never had such profoundly deep and clear programs as I experienced at the Purusha Capital in West Virginia. The facility is beautiful and comfortable in a pristine, quiet mountain setting. Most important though is being in the atmosphere of silence created by a powerful, coherent group of Purusha.”
—John Morehead, M.D.

Forthcoming Course Dates 

15% discount on your first WPA course
or Taste of Purusha Course in West Virginia

Course Dates Nights Fees
Silence WPA Dec 29-Jan 9 or
Dec 29-Jan 13
11 or 15 $1500 or $1900*
Enjoy a week of silence from Jan 1-7 for deep experience of pure bliss consciousness in the silent atmosphere generated by Purusha. Apply early as space is limited. See our testimonials page for the experiences enjoyed by course participants from last year’s Silence WPA.*Discounts are not available for this course.

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2017 Course Schedule

Dates and prices may change

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Course Dates Nights Fees
Silence WPA (2016-2017) Dec 29 - Jan 9 or 13
(Starts on Tues)
11 or 15 nights $1500 or $1900
For many years, wherever we were, Purusha spent the first seven days of January in deep silence along with Maharishi. We have continued this annual tradition of beginning each new year from a platform of powerful silence and profound TM and TM-Sidhi programs and we invite you to join us. The Silence WPA has been a favorite for many course participants due to the depth of experiences gained during this longest WPA of the year.
President’s Day Weekend with Dr. Stuart Rothenberg Feb 17-20
3 $450
Dr. Rothenberg will be returning again to lead this popular WPA. In addition to videos by Maharishi the course will include a presentation by Dr. Stuart Rothenberg on the Maharishi Vedic Approach to Healthsm. Dr. Rothenberg has worked closely with Maharishi and the leading Vaidyas in the movement for many years, overseeing health clinics and educational programs. Currently he is the national director for the Maharishi Ayurveda Association of America and an adjunct Professor of Maharishi Ayurveda at Maharishi University of Management.
Maharishi Vedic Astrology Course During 9-Days of Mother Divine April 1-8
7 nights $950
Dr. Charles Heath, Director of Maharishi Jyotish programs for North America, will be returning this year to lead this WPA on Maharishi Vedic AstrologySM during Navaratri, the nine days of the Vedic calendar most lively in the qualities of Mother Divine . Come and explore the extraordinary contributions Maharishi’s Science and Technology of Prediction and Transformation offers to the individual and society — enlightenment, self-sufficiency, and all possibilities. Learn how the Vedic disciplines of Maharishi JyotishSM and Maharishi Yagya® programs provide the intellectual and experiential means to gain integration of mind, body and environment, avert problems from arising and promote good fortune in life. The course includes videos of the traditional recitations for the Nine Days of Mother Divine. Raam Navami, the birthday of Raam, is April 4th.
WPA with Dr. Bevan Morris May 6-13
7 nights $950
We are happy to announce a very special WPA led by Dr. Bevan Morris, Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace and the International President of Maharishi Universities of Management. Since the 1960’s Dr. Morris worked closely with Maharishi on innumerable projects around the world, and now works closely with Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam. He has visited over 100 countries, informing and inspiring the Meditators, Sidhas, Governors, and top leaders in every area of society about all of the movement programs. Dr. Morris is also a TM-Sidhi Administrator, renowned for his singular ability to expound the wisdom of Maharishi Vedic Science as it relates to one’s personal experience, a skill he shares every day with the Invincible America Assembly at Maharishi University of Management. In addition to going deeply into Maharishi’s knowledge and sharing news of recent movement achievements around the world, Bevan will invite questions about experiences and practice of the TM and TM-Sidhi program, as well as on any aspect of Maharishi’s knowledge. This is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with one of the great leaders of the TM movement.
Memorial Day Weekend

May 26-29

3 nights $450
We have three holiday weekend WPAs this year — President’s Day, Memorial Day, and Columbus Day — each beginning on a Friday and ending on a Monday. These courses are particularly convenient for our East Coast friends to make a comfortable drive and get a quick lift in experiences and deep rest. The effect of these weekend courses is dramatic. Participants report that even at the end of the first day they feel like they’ve already enjoyed several days of profound and lively silence.
WPA on the Bhagavad-Gita, Raja John Bright June 10-17
7 nights $950
Raja Bright spent many years working intimately with Maharishi, absorbing his wisdom, and for over 20 years led weekly Gita study groups at his center in Palo Alto, CA. Comments made by last year’s participants in this course included: “Raja John Bright's course is Purusha’s best kept secret!”, “These were the most lively, insightful discussions I’ve had at any course in 20 years.”, and "I walked away with unprecedented access to the Gita and Maharishi’s brilliant commentary.” Please join us for this unique opportunity to delve deeply into the transcendent while simultaneously correlating your experiences with the Gita. As Chapter II, verse 40 of the Gita says, “Even a little of this Dharma delivers from great fear.” You will leave with a renewed and ongoing experience of the Gita as your personal guidebook to development of higher states of consciousness.
Guru Purnima WPA with Dr. Keith Wallace July 7-14
(Fri to Fri)
7 nights $950
We are honored to offer our first-ever WPA featuring Dr. Robert Keith Wallace. Most of you know of his pioneering research articles published in such prestigious publications as Science, the American Journal of Physiology, and Scientific American. A special feature of Keith’s Guru Purnima WPA is that he will be sharing intimate stories of working on projects with Maharishi for more than 40 years, as well as reporting on the latest scientific developments he has been involved with in the areas of microbiome and Maharishi Ayurveda, epigenetics and Transcendental Meditation, and the Neurophysiology of Enlightenment. Keith is wonderfully direct, humorous, and insightful, and these qualities shine during his presentations and question and answer sessions. While completing his doctorate in physiology at UCLA in the late 1960’s, Dr. Wallace began the Students International Meditation Society (SIMS), which triggered massive numbers of initiations on college campuses across the country and paved the way for Maharishi being able to train tens of thousands of TM program instructors throughout the 1970’s. In 1973 he became the founding president of MUM. Keith is currently Dean and Director of Research of the Maharishi College of Perfect Health, and a Professor and Chairman of the department of Physiology and Health. The course will include highlights from the Guru Purnima celebration in Hollandh.
Purusha Creating Coherence Program (includes Dr. Keith Wallace WPA) July 7- Aug 5
(two weeks minimum)
14 to 29 nights $1200 - $1900
For a complete description of the course, visit the CCP webpage.
Columbus Day Weekend Oct 6-9
3 nights $450
This will be the last weekend course in 2017. The close proximity of the Purusha CapitalSM to much of the East Coast makes it an ideal venue for weekend WPAs.
3rd Annual Enlightened Leadership International Taste of Purusha Course July 28 - Aug 7
10 nights $750
For a complete description of the course, visit the Taste of Purusha - WV webpage.
WPA on the TM-Sidhi Program with Dr. Doug Birx –TM-Sidhi Program Administrator Oct 14-21
7 nights $950

Once again we are offering this very popular WPA led by Dr. Doug Birx. Doug has taught many thousands of people the TM-Sidhi program in over 80 CIC Courses, and Maharishi called him the “Master Checker”. Come and enjoy Doug’s warmth and wisdom as he discusses experiences and reviews correct practice of the TM-Sidhi program during the general meetings. There is also an opportunity to meet with him privately about your TM-Sidhi practice. His courses always fill up quickly, so be sure to reserve a room early. Testimonials:

  • “Doug completely eliminated any trace of effort that I’d been having in program.”
  • “I couldn’t believe how generous he was with his one-on-one consultations. Program has become so blissful.”
  • “I loved his warmth and easy-going manner. So inspiring.”
WPA with Dr. Neil Paterson Nov 4 - 11
7 nights $950

We are happy to announce Dr. Neil Paterson will once again lead this WPA. Dr. Paterson worked extensively with Maharishi for over 30 years, is a TM-Sidhi administrator and Advanced Technique teacher, and is currently working closely with Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam, helping to administrate all aspects of Maharishi's worldwide movement. In this year’s course he will meet daily with the course, answering all questions, whether about Maharishi, higher states of consciousness, or practical points regarding the subtle practice and experience of the TM-Sidhi program. In addition he will meet privately with anyone who needs a private consultation regarding their Advanced Techniques or TM-Sidhi program. Here are some comments from participants at his last course:

  • “Neil manages to simultaneously be eloquent, comprehensive and down-to-earth.”
  • “As the week went on, my program became more and more effortless and brought my program to a level I’ve never experienced before. Best of all, that new depth of experience appears to now be a permanent part of my program at home.”
  • “Best course I’ve been to since learning the TM-Sidhis in person with Maharishi.”
Silence Course Dec 29-Jan 9 or
Dec 29-Jan 13
11 or 15 nights $1500 or
For many years, wherever we were, Purusha spent the first seven days of January in deep silence along with Maharishi. We invite you to join us in this annual tradition of beginning each New Year from a platform of powerful silence and deep experience of the TM and TM-Sidhi programs. The Silence WPA has been a favorite for many course participants due to the depth of experiences gained during this longest WPA of the year.

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If your travel arrangements make it necessary to arrive a day early or leave a day later, please inform our office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We offer a discount for full time students and anyone working full time in the Movement. Please contact us for details.

Governors who are interested in being guest WPA course leaders should contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.