Sam Katz

Maharishi Vastu® Architecture

Our buildings are newly constructed according to Maharishi Vastu architecture, the ancient science of building in accord with Natural Law, which promotes health, harmony, peace and abundance for those living in the buildings. All guests will be provided with a spacious single room.”

Brett Lazzareschi

Single rooms with mountain and valley views

All rooms have commanding east facing views of the rising sun and the valley below. Each room has a private bathroom, and telephone and internet connections.

Jeff Rice

Rooms interior design and architecture

Rooms are designed for your maximum comfort and are tastefully furnished with solid wood furniture and wool carpeting. The special “passive house” design features energy efficient walls and windows which create a comfortable, silent environment, and a silent energy recovery ventilation system provides constant fresh air. These features enhance the experience of deep silence and physical comfort.

Jamie Grant

Dining facility

All meals are prepared according to the principles of Maharishi Ayurveda® from natural organic ingredients.