Course payment?

Payment is not due at the time you send your application. We will notify you how to make a payment by credit card or check once your application has been processed.

When is the best time to arrive?

The best time to arrive is between 2-5 pm so that you have time for afternoon program and dinner before the evening meeting. If you are flying to the course, you may end up arriving a little later.

Do I need to arrive on the day the course is scheduled to start?

Yes, everyone must arrive on the day the course starts. If your travel arrangements make it necessary to arrive a day early or leave a day later, please inform our office at courses@purusha.org.

How do I get to the Purusha Capital from the airport?

The closest airport is Dulles International Airport, which is two hours away. We will work with you to coordinate ground transportation with others who may also be flying into Dulles. You can either rent a car by yourself or with others, or we will work with you to coordinate other ground transportation. In order to consolidate those coming into one or two vehicles, it is best to arrive before 3 pm. If you are flying from the West Coast, you can look into early morning departure times. Another option is to come the day before. There will be a reasonable fee for the transportation to and from the Capital to cover our costs.

How do I get back to the airport after the course?

If you are not renting a car, we will coordinate ground transportation to Dulles. There is a morning meeting and lunch on the final day of the course, so you can leave after lunch, or if necessary, you can leave earlier, but it is better to not schedule a flight before 1 pm.

Do you have a newsletter?

We send a newsletter a few times a year with updates on our courses and other news about Purusha. You can sign up at the bottom of each page of this website.

What will my day’s schedule be like?

The schedule is designed to give you maximum rest and relaxation. Everything is taken care of for you. Your day will include extended practice of your program, along with special knowledge presentations, delicious meals, easy walks, and more. Meeting other Meditators, Sidhas and Governors and making new friends is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the course.

What is included in the course fee?

Everything is included—meals, comfortable lodgings, and video presentations by Maharishi and other speakers on a wide range of topics that will broaden your understanding and enrich your experiences in meditation.

What should I bring with me?

Please be sure to bring comfortable, seasonal, appropriate clothes; comfortable shoes for easy, pleasant walks; outdoor clothing; and an umbrella in case of inclement weather (we have extras if needed). Also bring a watch so you can easily follow the daily routine. We provide bed linens, towels, shampoo, and soap, however you can bring your favorite soaps, shampoo, and other toiletries. We also provide backjacks, pillows, and blankets in the meditation hall.

What should I wear on the course?

Dress is casual, comfortable, and dignified. Please bring a set of comfortable loose-fitting clothing for Maharishi Yoga Asanas and the TM® and TM-Sidhi® program.

Can I bring work or books along on a course?

The course is a precious time for gaining very deep rest and profound knowledge, and for fathoming the silent levels of your own inner awareness. For this reason, we recommend you maximize this opportunity by focusing on the course and leaving work, reading, and other recreational activities until you get home. By doing so, your mind will be free to gain the deepest possible rest and enjoy clearer experiences of higher states of consciousness.

I have special dietary needs. Can they be accommodated?

In most cases this is something we can arrange. Please contact us at least one week before the course with your requirements.

How can I donate to Purusha?

You can donate to Purusha by going to purusha.org.

Need more information?

Please contact us at courses@purusha.org or call 1-855-358-0256.

For more information on Purusha, please visit purusha.org