The Taste of Purusha Course is for single men who are practicing the TM® and TM-Sidhi® programs and want to stay with PurushaSM for a minimum of two weeks to explore the possibility of longer term participation in the Maharishi Purusha Program. Typically participants come for one month. Course participants will spend time on an ideal routine which includes extended time for practice of the TM and TM-Sidhi programs, delicious organic meals, and evening knowledge meetings with Purusha featuring video talks by Maharishi and Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam.

Starting dates will typically begin with one of our scheduled WPAs and the course can last up to three months. The Taste of Purusha Course is designed for at least two participants to be taking the course at the same time to ensure the richest possible experience. The Purusha Admissions Office will help to coordinate the course dates with those interested to ensure that we have at least two participants. The Taste of Purusha Course is also available in India when courses are being held at the Brahmasthan.

  • Spacious individual Maharishi Vastu® accommodations with panoramic mountain views
  • Enjoy deep rest and profound experience in the atmosphere created by Purusha
  • Delicious organic vegetarian cuisine and good company
  • Watch beautiful knowledge talks of Maharishi during the afternoons and evenings
  • Enjoy pure fresh mountain air and scenic walks in the surrounding forests
  • Optional local sight-seeing trips to beautiful mountain and forest attractions
  • High speed internet connections are available in each room

The fee is $1000 per month with any WPA included in the course fee. The fee for a longer stay will be prorated at $1000 per month. The course fee for those staying two weeks is $750.

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