Below is a list of six courses to be held in 2023. We are also offering a two-day TM-Sidhi Program Refresher Course at the beginning of the October WPA. This course has not been held in the United States for many years.

World Peace Assemblies offer an opportunity to enjoy extended practice of the TM® and TM-Sidhi® programs in order to gain deep and revitalizing rest. Enjoy the soft, silent atmosphere created by Purusha in the seclusion of a forest setting. This is the place to totally relax, switch off, and dive into your experiences. Enjoy the fresh mountain air and scenic walks and the added benefit of living in a Maharishi Vastu® Architecture-designed facility. Our spacious accommodations, panoramic mountain views, delicious organic vegetarian cuisine, good company, and beautiful knowledge talks by Maharishi, all contribute to a delightful experience. Since we are offering fewer courses than previous years, they have been bigger with a larger super radiance effect.

When you apply, you will receive an automated email acknowledging that your application was received. Once we have processed your application, we will send you an acceptance email with detailed travel and payment information. If you have any questions, you can email the Purusha WPA Course Office at courses@purusha.org.

We hope you can join us this year and look forward to seeing you.

New: Two-Day TM-Sidhi® Program
Refresher Course with Dr. Doug Birx

We expect to offer this course during the first two days of the Nine Days of Mother Divine WPA beginning October 14th 2023. If we have any updates on the course we will post them on the website and send a newsletter. If you aren't receiving our newsletter, you can sign up for it at the bottom of this page. Be sure to add us to your contacts.

Deeply refresh your TM-Sidhi Program practice with a full two-day review from Maharishi and the TM-Sidhi Program Administrators. This course includes a thorough review of the practice, group morning, afternoon and evening meetings, beautiful Pure Knowledge videos, discussion, and a private meeting with the TM-Sidhi Program Administrators. Please join TM-Sidhi Program Administrator Dr. Doug Birx, who Maharishi called the “Master Checker”, for this very special opportunity, which has not been offered in the United States for many years. Note: this special course may only be taken one time. We expect that it will be well attended, so please apply early. See below for more details. The $250 course fee is included in the fee for the WPA.

Men’s 2023 Course Schedule

See below for our COVID Policy

Course Fee Increase

Due to the increasing cost of good and services and our need to hire more staff to support the courses, our course fees will increase by $100 for anyone who pays after June 1st. See below for the details.

NOTE: We may add special guest course leaders and course themes at a later date.

  • The Ultimate Unplug Course with Dr. Neil Paterson

    Ready to unplug from the world and immerse yourself in the Transcendent?

    This 12-day course is all about YOU!

    February 12 (Sunday) to February 19 (Sunday), $950
    February 12 (Sunday) to February 24, (Friday), $1200 ($700 for students)

    Led by one of the most inspiring leaders in the TM® organization – TM Sidhi Administrator Dr. Neil Paterson – you’ll enjoy a rare opportunity to dive deep into the experience of your TM-Sidhi practice and come out refreshed and full of new insights.

    For a complete course description and to apply visit NextGenPurusha.org

  • Spring WPA
    April 22 (Saturday) to April 29, (Saturday), $950
    April 22 (Saturday) to May 4, (Thursday), $1200

  • Guru Purnima World Peace Assembly
    July 1 (Saturday) to July 8 (Saturday)
    $950 if pay before June 1 - $1050 after June 1

    July 1 (Saturday) to July 13 (Thursday)
    $1200 if pay before June 1 - $1300 after June 1

  • Bhagavad Gita Chapters: 7 & 8

    A profound course with Tony Nader, MD, PhD, led by Vedic scholar John Bright, PhD

    August 20 (Sunday) to September 1 (Friday),
    $700 for students if pay before June 1 - $800 after June 1
    $1200 if pay before June 1 - $1300 after June 1

    In a series of recorded lectures given by the global leader of the TM organizations, Tony Nader, MD, PhD, and led in person by Bhagavad-Gita expert and Vedic scholar, John Bright, PhD, you will be taken on an engaging journey through Chapters Seven and Eight of the Bhagavad-Gita where Lord Krishna reveals to Arjuna the deepest secret wisdom for the liberation of any man. This profoundly enlightening dialogue between Lord Krishna and his devotee, Arjuna, on the historic battlefield of Kurukshetra, embodies the divine interaction between Silence and Dynamism and provides practical knowledge indispensable to any seeker of Truth striving to achieve their full potential.To apply visit NextGenPurusha.org

  • TM-Sidhi Program Refresher Course/Nine Days of Mother Divine WPA

    See the above course description for more details.

    October 14 (Saturday) to October 21, (Saturday)
    $1200 if pay before June 1 - $1300 after June 1

    October 14 (Saturday) to October 26, (Thursday)
    $1450 if pay before June 1 - $1550 after June 1

    * Includes the $250 course fee for the TM-Sidhi Program Refresher Course

  • Silence WPA
    December 29 (Friday) to January 9 (Tuesday)
    $1500 if pay before June 1 - $1600 after June 1

    December 29 (Friday) to January 13 (Saturday)
    $1900 if pay before June 1 - $2000 after June 1
Apply Now

If your travel arrangements make it necessary to arrive a day early or leave a day later, please inform our office at courses@purusha.org in advance of the course. There is an additional course fee of $95 per night. We offer a discount for full time students and anyone working full time in the TM organization. Please contact us for details.


Until further notice there will be a 5-day COVID isolation period at the beginning of our courses. During these 5 days course participants will enjoy the WPA program schedule and knowledge meetings in the WPA building and will eat in their own Dining Hall in the Purusha Dining Hall building.

We ask that all course participants take a COVID antigen test (a simple home test which gives results in 15 minutes) within three days prior to arrival and on the 5th day after arrival. When the 5-day period is over, all course participants who have tested negative on the 5th day and have no symptoms can join their Purusha friends for lunch and walk and talk. If one tests positive and/or has symptoms, quarantine and further testing is necessary before joining any group activities. Home antigen tests are available online or at your local pharmacy. More information will be given when you apply. We regret the inconvenience these new requirements represent for our course participants, but in our estimation this is the most prudent way to resume our course schedule after a 2 year suspension.

Enjoy the Unique Environment of the Purusha CapitalSM

The Purusha Capital provides a unique environment that is conducive to growth of higher states of consciousness. The deep silence, bliss, and coherence created by the Maharishi Purusha ProgramSM, living in Maharishi Vastu® Architecture buildings, tasty organic food, and being in the fresh air and beautiful mountain environment, all contribute to an ideal atmosphere for extended practice of the TM® and TM-Sidhi® programs. This, together with the sublime knowledge of Maharishi Vedic ScienceSM from the videos of Maharishi and presentations by leading Maharishi Vedic Science experts, makes for a delightful stay for course participants at the Purusha Capital.

Creating Coherence for Washington, D.C. and the World

The establishment of the Purusha Capital near Washington, D.C. constitutes the second element in Maharishi's formula for creating coherence and invincibility in America. A large group of Yogic Flyers in Fairfield, Iowa, and a complementary group practicing Yogic FlyingSM near our nation's capital are keys to creating greater harmony and coherence both for the government and the nation as a whole during this time of transition in world consciousness.